Program changes/cancellations

The following sessions have been CANCELLED:

21st-Century Learning in STEM Classes
Victoria Pagonis
Thursday 1:00-2:30
Room 312

Acting OUT! Improving Learning in All Subjects
Thursday 3:00-4:30pm
Room 417

Beginning Phonics and Sight Words Made Easy With Mnemonics
Roberta L Annunziata
Thursday 9:30-11:00am
Room 417

Bone Health and Female Athlete Triad
Denise Calloway
Thursday 3:00-4:30
Room 413

Finding and Teaching Academic Patterns in Text for English Learners 
Presenters: Timothy Hall and Debra L. Billmann
Friday 3:00-4:30
Room: 310

“Hands-on” These Multisensory Strategies for Struggling/Dyslexic Readers
Laurie Wagner
Thursday 1:00-2:30pm
Room 302

How to Create an Art-Based  STEAM Expo
Gayle Gruber & Heather Deconde
Thursday 9:30-11 a.m.
Room 318

Marfan Syndrome and Related Disorders
Presenter: Susan Leshen
Thursday 1:00-2:30
Room 420

Reading, Writing and Arithmetic on the Farm 
Presenter: Samantha Jany
Friday 1:00-2:30
Room 413

SGOs and Students’ Oral Proficiency
Presenter: Raquel Williams
Thursday 1:00-2:30pm
Room 406

The Battleship New Jersey: Math, Science and Technology Lessons Aboard
Presenter: Thomas Walsh
Friday 9:30-11:00
Room 317

The New Retirement Pardigm EIRC
Presenter  Charles Ivory
Thursday 12:30-1:00 Area 7
Friday 9:30-10:00 Area 7

Tourette Syndrome, OCD, ADHD: Strategies and Accommodations for Diverse Learners 
Friday 3:00-4:30
Room 403

Treating the Student with Type 1 Diabetes in Classroom
Presenter Nancy Levine
Thursday 3:00-4:30
Room 407

The following sessions have been CHANGED:

Black Rocket Theater
Presenter:  Brian Gates
Friday Nov. 11
Noon Future Proof

Bomb Threat Awareness and Response (NJSP Bomb Unit)
Presenter David Yusko will not be presenting
Presenter: Mike Klag has been added
Friday 9:30-11:00 am
Room 411

Building the Cornerstone of Effective and Engaging Classrooms
Presenter change was Harvey Silver, now Susan Kreisman
Thursday 9:30-11:00
Room 321

Conversations Around Transforming Teacher Practice Using PARCC Scores
Presenter Kimberley Harrington will not be presenting
Thursday 9:30-11:00am
Room 202

Curriculum, Instruction and Data
Presenter Kimberley Harrington will not be presenting
Thursday 3:00-4:30pm
Room 202

Educating for Sustainability
Presenters: Tanya Oznowich and Jamie P. Cloud have been added
Thursday 9:30-11:00am
Room 314

Engaging Students and the School Community in Healthy School Environments
Presenter John Keith has been added
Friday 1:00-2:30
Room 307

From Model Curriculum to Curricular Framework: Curriculum, Instruction and Data
Presenter: Laura Morana has been added
Thursday 3:00-4:30
Room 202

Fostering Resilience in Students Coping with Loss delete Connie Palmer
Presenter Mandi Zucker will also be presenting
Thursday 9:30-11:00am
Room 303

Great ideas Forum – Boxes for Birds, Bats and Bees
Presenter Coleen T. Weiss-Magasic will not be presenting
Presenters: Mary Kennedy and Stephen Beattie will be presenting
Thursday and Friday
Exhibit floor

Hot Topics with NJ County Teachers of the Year
Presenter Coleen T Weiss-Magasic will not be presenting
Friday 9:30-11:00am
Room 305

Overcoming Stress and Building Resilience
Presenter Cherie Castellano will not be presenting
Presenters: Barbara A. Horr, Edward S. Yarusinsky, and Mary Elizabeth O’Connor will be presenting
Thursday 9:30-11:00am
Room 304

Teacher Leadership meeting
Presenter Dawn Vatuna will not be presenting
Thursday 4:30-6:30pm
Room 202

Tools for Addressing the New Standards and Assessments
Presenter change: was Harvey Silver, now Susan Kreisman
Thursday 1:00-2:30
Room 321

The Power of Engagement and Motivation
Presenter Saskia Brown will not be presenting
Thursday 9:30-11:00 am
Room 410

Ultimate Classroom Management Tool Using Class DOJOP
Presenter Sharon Enea
Friday  11 to 11:50AM
Noon to 12:50PM
Area #3

Using Effective Questioning Strategies to Engage Thinking and Learning
Presenter Chinwe Mgbenwelu will not be presenting
thursday 3:00-4:30pm
Room 409